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Whether you’re in the mood for a pamper session, or looking to reinvent yourself outside-in, you’ve come to the right place. At VOLT, the No. 1 Salon in Chennai, our emphasis is on giving you a one-of-a-kind, luxe experience in hairstyling, color experimentation, manicure perfection and skin rejuvenation.

Meet Our Amazing Team

In tune with your expectations and up to date with trends, our talented makeup artists and hairstylists constantly raise the bar. With years of expertise under their belts, national & international accolades, and a progressive, in-house learning culture, they deliver unforgettable salon experiences. Whether you want to reinvent yourself or are trying to look your best on your special day, you are in great hands!



"I just got a haircut done from a stylist from Volt commonly called as Nish. He is just amazing. He knows exactly what should be done to give you a proper makeover. The place as such is very stylish and has good service. It's clean and pretty reasonable too. My suggestion will be to definitely visit this place and try their services.

~ sruthi sreekumar ~

" Back at Volt for the third time in three months for my third look! Exceptional service every time! The team is made up of well trained and skilled professionals whom I whole heartedly trust my hair with. Got myself a mini makeover for Diwali with stylist Naveen! He gave me a stunning deep purple bob, absolutely fabulous! Throughout the service, he was super focused, patient, precise and good company Ambiance is luxurious & clean, truly a treat for yourself. The end result & experience is very worth the price! So much love for you guys!"

~ Srivarthini Sukumar ~

"I got my hair colour and trim done here and they did an absolutely wonderful job. Their service was amazing (and so was their coffee)! The colour was beautiful and perfectly blended out with no harsh lines. I felt thoroughly pampered and so confident after it was done. Best experience at a salon! Would highly recommend everyone to try it!"

~ Aakanksha Khanna ~

"Amazing service & great hospitality. This place is totally worth the hype. They make you feel so special. This place looks extraordinary. And I totally recommend this place & their recommendations. I had a severe acne problem & hair loss. I tried so many salons including VURVE, T&G, Page3 etc to help me resolve this issue and it was so much trying and no results. And their consultation were so smart & they educate you on everything on the service & realistic approach looking forward for the results. And their results were much more than promised or expected. I am acne free & my hair fall stopped. I kept hearing about VOLT & I wanted to challenge to see this place over all the hype. And I must say you guys stood up like a BOSS! Love this place & would recommend as many as possible. Such a nice place and this kind of place is everyone's need these days. Good job VOLT. Keep this standard up "

~ Navin Kumar ~

" I took the services of Volt's bridal team for my wedding and reception. The entire team was amazing! They dolled up closed to 10 women excluding me and the work was done to perfection. There was no complaint from any of us regarding the work done. All of them listened to us patiently and made sure that we got the look we desired. The best bridal team ever! "

~ Abirami Kannan ~

" I had done straightening and smoothing around 6-7 time in past 8 years and had ruined my hair. Felt that I will never have my original hair back .forget getting original... Whatever left on my head I felt I will lose those too. I was in tremendous pressure with my hair because every time I combed my hair I lost bunch of it. I thought very soon I will be bald. But then last 2 months back I visited Volt Salon in Chennai Egmore and done Keratin Treatment. They are Extremely helpful, very friendly, always smiling, attentive, generous and not the least but tactful with every customer. That stylist listened to me carefully and help me understand how can I get good quality hair back. She saved my hair and my confidence. Since then I have not tried any other hairdresser for more than past one year. She always gives me better tips than google when it comes to my hair and it works. "

~ Jefnil Berciba ~