DIY Deep conditioning rituals for women


DIY Deep conditioning rituals for women

                                                                  DIY methods for deep conditioning Hair-Women

The soodana Suriyan season is out in Chennai and we are sure many of us have made bizarre promises to God to save whatever unfried hair is left on our heads. Since divinity cannot tend to every fried strand out there, we are here to help you out! Go through the following rituals meticulously and thou shalt be rewarded with oh-so-awesome hair!

Know your hair type and issue fully well

If you were ready with a pen and paper to note stuff down here, oops, sorry! The prime step towards getting good hair is to first know your hair type and understand the root cause of your hair issues. We recommend you to consult with high-end salons that provide you an in-depth analysis of your hair before bounding off behind a conditioner.

The following methods can help bring back the bounce to your hair

Ø  Deep conditioning with Shea Butter

Ø  Deep conditioning with Aloe vera

Ø  Deep conditioning with Yogurt 

i. Deep Conditioning with Shea Butter

What you need: A dollop or more of shea butter(depending on hair length), Hot towel (Use a soft material) and lots of patience!

Whip it Away:

·         Take a coin sized amount of shea butter (or more if you have longer hair) and apply from the mid length of your hair to the very tips. Make sure that every individual strand is coated completely.

·         Put your hair up in a bun or braid  and cover it with a hot towel (temperature must be medium, do not fry your hair)

·         Use a blow dryer on warm setting (No more than 2)

·         Leave the towel wrapped for an hour. Then rinse off using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

Beware yo!

You can apply the shea butter to your scalp only if you have a dry scalp. Otherwise refrain from scalp application.



You can use this baby upto three times a week if you have dry hair. People with oily or combination hair can use it once a week. Shea butter locks moisture and retains the life and bounce in your hair. To all our curly haired friends, whip it up once a week to maintain those precious curls!


ii. Deep Conditioning with Aloe Vera

What you need: Aloe vera gel extracted from the leaf, some “me” time

Now What?

·         Blend the extracted gel until it gets a smooth consistency

·         Skip applying conditioner post shampooing

·         Apply the gel on your scalp to the tips (applicable for all scalp types)

·         Let the gel sit for half an hour

·         Rinse with luke warm water

So, what do I get?

The application consistency is once a week. Once followed meticulously, aloevera promotes growth of thick and luscious hair. Highly recommended for people facing dandruff issues.


iii. Deep Condition using Yogurt

What you need: A cup of yogurt, the self control to not eat it ;)

What to do?

Ø  Skip conditioning after applying shampoo

Ø  When the hair is half dry, split your hair in sections and apply the yogurt from root to tips

Ø  Let it sit for half an hour

Ø  Rinse off with luke warm water

Reward for consistency?

If the mask is used twice a week regularly, you can kiss goodbye to your frizz in a few weeks. This method of conditioning is highly recommended for people with oily hair.  

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