Five Must-Have Hair Care Products For Colored Hair


Five Must-Have Hair Care Products For Colored Hair

Colouring your hair is a commitment. If you want to maintain a simple and straightforward hair care routine, hair colour is not for you. Hair colours can cause damage to your hair and make it more porous. Porous hair increases the chances of your hair absorbing and releasing more moisture leading to loss of colour and lifeless frizzy hair.

We'."'".'re not saying that you should never colour your hair. If you like experimenting with colours and changing your look, be sure to use appropriate products. Without the required care to your hair, it might also lead to the colour fading quickly, making it look dry and faded. In addition, maintenance of your coloured hair can be expensive and a relatively tedious process but luckily, there are several products readily available in the market. We'."'".'ve put together a bunch of coloured-hair products that not only reverse the damage but also help in retaining the colour for a longer period of time. 

Colour-Protecting Shampoos

Coloured hair should be washed as less as possible and when washed, the shampoo used must be one that is formulated for coloured hair. Today, in the market we have shampoos for every single hair type and problem. You would want the shade to be fresh for as long as possible. Rule number one for shampooing coloured hair is to stay away from sulphates. Choose a sulphate-free product that does the following: 

  • Prolong the effect of the colour treatment
  • Enhance hair health
  • Brighten colour
  • Prevent any residue from causing buildup
  • Avoid the colour from bleeding on clothes

Colour-Protecting Conditioners

Colour-treated hair must always be conditioned after shampoo because it can soften dry and brittle hair. In fact, on days when you want to wash your hair but do not want to over-shampoo, you could simply just condition it. Even though conditioners fade the colour less than shampoos, it is always advisable to use a hydrating product that is made especially for coloured hair.

Treatment Masks

Your hair needs utmost care after colour treatments. Why? Because it is prone to breakage. Every once a week, make sure to use a treatment mask that deeply conditions your hair and hydrates it. Look for creamy treatment masks in the market or invest in treatments at the salon. Buy products that are made of shea butter, argan oil, almond oil or honey and claim to repair, deep condition and fortify coloured hair.

Hair Serums

Serums make your hair manageable and make it smooth at the same time. Coloured hair can get frizzy and hence using a hair serum after your shower or before you step out is a smart move. It seals the cuticles and repels moisture from causing frizz without making it greasy or flat. Truly, it is a lifesaver.

Styling Mists and Protection Sprays

Styling mists and finishing sprays are used to lock in the shine and the hydration in your hair. Of course, you would want to style your hair before you leave home and heat is not your best friend. So make sure to use these products if you are applying heat to prevent additional damage to your already vulnerable hair.

If you are thinking of colouring your hair for the first time or once again, make sure to have these products in hand before to go for it. You'."'".'ll thank us later!

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