Hair Care Routine for Frizzy, Unmanageable Hair


Hair Care Routine for Frizzy, Unmanageable Hair

No one likes frizzy hair. Period. No matter how good a hairstyle you get, if your hair is frizzy, it could spoil your entire look. It is also hard to manage and quite straightforwardly put, very hard to love. Unfortunately, it is a very common problem among most people, especially those who maintain a longer length of hair. Luckily, with the right hair care routine and conscious choices in products, you can control the frizz. 

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

To learn how to tame your unmanageable hair, it is vita to understand why it happens in the first place. Frizz is caused due to excessive dryness and lack of sufficient hair nutrition. When your hair is not getting enough hydration, your hair tries to get more moisture from the atmosphere. You might also be stripping out all the moisture from your hair with your daily habits such as washing your hair with very hot water or too many times and using many hair styling products.

How Do I Tame Frizzy Hair?

The sure shot method to tame your frizzy hair is by examining your hair care routine. You will understand the root cause. Evaluate simple habits such as the shampoo and conditioner you use, the number of times you wash your hair, in which environments does your hair frizz the most and how often do you oil your hair. 

We have put together a haircare routine that should help you get started on taking better care of your hair and making it more smooth.

STEP 1: Oiling Your Hair

Always oil your hair before you wash it. Either leave it on for an hour before you shower or overnight. Choosing the right oils for your frizzy hair is very important. Argan oil is supposed to be one of the best oils for taming frizzy hair. You can also mildly warm organic coconut oil and massage it into your scalp. 

STEP 2: Washing and Drying Your Hair

Opt for a sulphate-free shampoo that is specifically formulated for dry and damaged hair. Shampoos with a high concentration of glycerin can do wonders to your hair. Look for one that has hydrating ingredients like shea butter in your conditioner. Wash your hair only once or twice a week, never everyday. Avoid scrubbing your hair too hard or using very hot water. 

While drying, do not rub the towel against your hair as it will only cause more frizz and dryness. Instead, get rid of dripping water by patting it with a towel and then let your hair air dry. Refrain from using too much heat for styling.

STEP 3: Applying a Hydrating Hair Mask

Use a deep conditioning, hydrating hair mask once a week. You can either make one at home or buy one from the store. Use ingredients such as avocados, almond oil, eggs, mayonnaise, banana, beer, coconut milk etc.

STEP 4: Getting Hair Treatments Occasionally

Pamper your hair with monthly deep condition treatments. There are many types of hair treatments available such as the keratin hair spa. You can consult with your stylist and decide on which treatment would work best for you.

STEP 5: Grooming According to the Weather

Modify your routine based on the weather. If it rains, the humidity might increase. In this case, apply some serum to your hair. If it'."'".'s hot, do not wash your hair. 

Use this routine as an outline to find out what works bests for you. Stick to it religiously to say goodbye to frizz for good and everyday will be a good hair day!

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